Cannot paint

Casper Boemann cbr at
Mon Mar 20 10:08:46 CET 2006

Sounds like you are painting a selection and not "true" painting

for freehand painting select the top left icon in the toolbox

On Monday 20 March 2006 10:02, Leonardo Giordani wrote:
> Hi,
> yesterday I compiled the latest svn snapshot and realized that I cannot
> paint: I simply select a color, click on the canvas and this latter is
> filled by a blue color (well, actually violet-blue) and the stroke is white
> with a red contour. This is independent from the colorspace (happens in
> RBG, CMYK, watercolors, etc).
> Someone is experiencing the same behaviour?
> How can I debug it to give you more informations?
> Thanks
> Leo

best regards / venlig hilsen
Casper Boemann

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