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Bart Coppens kde at
Thu Mar 16 14:40:17 CET 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 14:29, Leonardo Giordani wrote:
> 1) What are "factor" and "offset" in convolveColors()? For example in
> colorspaces/rgb_u8/
As far as I remember from reading it somewhere long ago, they are basically 
used to keep the usage of floating point arithmetic to a minumum: instead of 
making the kernel values floating point values (so that you could have 
0<value<1 or so), we now only have to do 3 single divisions and additions on 
integers instead of having to do them lots of times using floating point 
arithmetic. But that just what I remember, it might not actually be the case.

> 2) What is KisProfile?
It's the profile you can attach to a colorspace. For example, you can have an 
sRGB profile for your RGB8 image, to make it somewhat less device-dependent. 
Extended explanations on the idea of profiles have been posted on this 
mailing list much better than I can explain, so I guess a quick search would 
probably help a lot :-)

> 3) What is intensity8() supposed to do?
It's supposed to give some kind of 'intensity' (duh ;)) to a color, in a 0-255 
range. Basically, just returning the 'greyness' of a color should suffice for 
now, I think (for now, since the interface has in it's comments '
XXX: Maybe this should be more flexible')

> I slowly begin to understand Krita...
Great :-)

Bart Coppens

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