Q_UINT8 and Pixel

Leonardo Giordani leonardo.giordani at treuropa.com
Fri Mar 10 17:38:25 CET 2006

> No, it has nothing to do with this. It's like this: krita has a
> semi-efficient datamanager that stores pixel data, but doesn't know about
> the way that data is divided into pixels (or rather, it does know how many
> bytes a pixel is, but not how the pixel is divided into channels). Whenever
> you want to mess with pixels, say, blend a row of pixels with another, you
> iterate over the source and destination pixels in Q_UINT8* form. You pass
> pointers to stretches of Q_UINT8* to the colorspace, who knows how to do
> the blending internally.
> The conversion between colospaces is done through the colorspaces, too, of
> course, whether you convert cmyk to lab, or anything to rgb for display.

Absolutely clear.

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