I introduce myself

Leonardo Giordani leonardo.giordani at treuropa.com
Mon Mar 6 12:20:25 CET 2006

Hi all,

my name is Leonardo Giordani; I'm an italian C/Python developer working in the 
field of signal processing (radar satellite data processing).

I'm very interested in Krita: I was looking for a Corel Painter-like 
application on Linux, since The GIMP seems to be appropriate for different 

Some months ago I was watching some Gnomon's tutorial videos about matte 
painting (Ryan Church's "Rendering Hi-Tech Architecture", 
http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/rch03.html) and was really impressed by 
Painter's capabilities. Since I do not run Windows/OSX (and believe in OSS) I 
tried to understand if The GIMP could be modified to support natural brushes 
and friends: sincerely I do not like the GTK+ way of doing object-oriented 
programming with C and found GIMP's source code very hard to understand. 
Lastly GIMP's community seems not interested in implementing painting 
algorithms. I totally agree with boudewijn's comment at 

"No, it's that the Gimp is not suitable for the kind of things I want to do, 
ultimately. Years ago, Raph Levien was working on really cool things like 
water-color brushes for the Gimp. It never came to anything. I want that kind 
of functionality, and more.  
In the Mac world, you've got Photoshop, and you've got Corel Painter."

Ok, excuse me for this long discussion... :-)

My work consists mainly in developing scientific applications for signal 
procesing, so I'm not scared by deep mathematics (on the contrary, I love 
it). I know the object-oriented paradigm and design patterns, using them in 
my Python projects.

I have some knowledge in the field of computer graphics, though I'm not an 
expert. I'm not a C++ developer, but I know the principles of the language 
and worked with it now and again in order to learn it.

By now I'm trying to understand Krita looking at the source code, just to have 
a general view of the whole thing. If someone needs help with something I can 
manage just ask me.

Bye and thank you for you work on Krita

Leonardo Giordani

Tele-Rilevamento Europa - T.R.E. s.r.l.
a POLIMI spin-off company
Via Vittoria Colonna, 7
20149 Milano - Italia
tel.: +39.02.4343.121
fax: +39.02.4343.1230
e-mail: leonardo.giordani (at) treuropa.com
web: www.treuropa.com

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