Thorsten Zachmann's report of two current problems

Thorsten Zachmann t.zachmann at
Thu Mar 2 19:34:40 CET 2006

Hello Boud,

> > 2: Convertion to a different colorspace can't be undone (tested eith Lab
> > CMYK 16bit,8bit). After undo the colors are no longer as they should be.
> Eek! I'll look into this.

Looks like you have done work there allready. That's fast. However after 
undoing the colorspace change it uses still the colorspace it was changed to.

-open a rgp pic.
-convert to cmyk 16bit.
-undo (you don't get any feedback that something is done but it take its time)
-the mode is still cmyk 16bit as shown in the status bar

> > 3: I can most times reproduce with a 2048x1536 image with smaller images
> > not so often.
> > -Open a jpg
> > -Convert to cmyk 16bit (8bit also works)
> > -wait some seconds (around 4)
> > -Undo (Ctrl-Z)
> > -wait some more seconds
> > ->crash
> How recent is your Krita? There were some problems with images of that
> size, but that got fixed this week. I cannot reproduce this right now, but
> maybe someone else can.
Looks like this is fixed, see above comment.

Have a nice day,


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