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Wed Mar 1 13:52:51 CET 2006


Sorry to send it again if some of you did receive it, but unfortunately it 
seems it didnt't get throught at least to kimageshop at :(, so I send 
the mail again :

Thank you for your invitation :) As a matter of fact, Dave Neary has allready 
invite us. And unfortunately Boudewijn Rempt (our lead dev, and chief of 
marketing :) ) and our others developers busy or can't come. And for myself 
while I live close to Lyon (in Paris and in Toulouse), the LGM happen at a 
time when my schedule can't be know for sure. But the closer we get from the 
LGM, the least I am likely to start working in March and the more I am likely 
to be able to come to the LGM which is very unfortunate for me, but very 
fortunate for krita ;) I will know more at the end of this week, or the 
beginning of next week, and I will then tell you if I can come to represent 
krita to the LGM.

> Hi everyone,
> We are looking to invite Krita developers or power users to the upcoming
> LGM.
> Please send an email publicly here explaining things you have been
> doing. Nothing too formal, but just to make sure we invite someone,
> recognized by the Krita community, who is involved in Krita either
> using it or doing it.
> Of course, we do afford travel costs and hostel.
> == What LGM is ? ==
> LGM, aka Libre Graphics Meeting will be a melting pot, with free
> software graphics developers and artists meeting each other,
> exchanging ideas and tips, and planning the future of free graphics.
> Graphics professionals interested in learning about the state of the
> art in free software are also welcome.
> The conference will be all about participation. Artists and
> developers, feel free to bring your laptops and tablets, and show us
> what you can (and can't) do. Organise a BOF about your favourite
> project or feature. We're aiming for a bazaar.
> The conference is free to attend, and open to all.
> LGM will bring together developers and users of the best of free
> software graphics applications - GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender and
> more. It promises to be a fun ride, with tutorials and presentations
> of applications, and lots of time and space to chat, meet up with old
> friends, make new ones. Plans will be made, hacking and drawing will
> be done, fun will be had.
> More informations at
> == Request to Krita developers/users ==
> You have been doing a great job with Krita, and we would like you to
> share it with us.
> You are now part if this wonderful free world graphical applications
> boat. And this is great for everyone.
> Sharing your graphical experience with the rest of us is what we are
> looking for.
> In the hope I am not too late for sending this invitation.
> Sebastien Tricaud.
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