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Thomas Zander zander32 at
Wed Mar 1 11:10:54 CET 2006

> > * I expected that changing the color (hsv/gray pallette) to have an
> > effect in the transparency of the 'paint a selection'.
> > How should I paint half transparent se;lections?

> I've added this -- but I'm not quite satisfied about what happens. Could you
> give it a try?

I note that having a dark color (black is selected by default) will
make sure you can't make any selection, which is bad for usability
(duh ;)

Hmm, maybe I was wrong and we need a slider in the tool pallette instead.

On 2/26/06, Thomas Zander <zander32 at> wrote:
> > User feedback is great -- when it comes in time :-(.
> We all do what we can :)
> Thanks for the fast reply!
> --
> Thomas Zander

Thomas Zander

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