API Evolution question about paintop, colorspace independent filter (or even tools for that matter) and filter transaction

BERGER Cyrille cberger at cberger.net
Fri Apr 28 15:03:43 CEST 2006

I have three concerns about our API right now (the first two appears
when working on heal/distortion duplicate, and the last with
colorspace conversion for filters) :

1) currently we can't really have configuration widget for paintop, I
mean, we have configuration widgets that depends on the input device
and which appears in the toolbar, but what I need for the duplicate
tools, is a bigger configuration widget like those of the tools, so
the question is what the best way to do that ? (for 1.6, as duplicate
is in fact a tool, I will extend the current hack of having the
configuration set by the tool and saved in KisPainter).

2) I remember from the thread
http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-kimageshop&m=112992472325754&w=2, and
especially http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-kimageshop&m=113009729431330&w=2
that we could have complex filters written for XYZ or LAB, but then
the idea of having functions to facilate that was dropped because
converting from rgb 8bit to XYZ was degrading the image. But I think
we really need those function (fromLAB and toLAB at least).
Because, a number of algorithms (like color transfer) are only working
with LAB, so at some point you need to convert data to LAB. When you
are working on all the data of the KisPaintDevice, it's not a problem
to convert the paint device to LAB and working on it and then go back
(in fact it is a problem as you are also changing the value of
nonselected pixels). But when working with smaller images, I think
it's cumcumbersome to copy the data you want to convert in a
KisPaintDevice before converting them.
(but maybe you all agree we need those functions, and the reasons they
weren't add is because no one did it, so if it's a case, I would loike
to add them to krita 1.6).

3) In Filter manager, we create a KisTransaction, but in fact we would
need to start a macro there, and the question is how do I cancel a
macro ? (when the filter is interrupted)

Cyrille Berger

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