Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at lazerware.com
Sun Sep 18 14:44:25 CEST 2005

> I don't know any distribution that actually ships graphicsmagick, which is
> one reason why I didn't try to switch to it already. 
	Yes, we'd like to be get into a bunch of distros, but honestly
that's not our biggest desire these days so we don't push it.

> The other reason is
> that there's not much development -- not even bugfixing or feature
> improvement,
	We are certainly not as active as we once were, but there are
frequent fixes that go into CVS HEAD (even if we don't get things out in
actual tarballs).  I think we average about 10 bug fixes a week.

	Feature wise - nothing has happened since support for a variety of
video formats improvements that were sponsored.  But again, that's part of
the "keep the API stable" work we've been doing...

Maintainer, GraphicsMagick

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