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Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Sat Oct 15 22:33:58 CEST 2005

On Saturday 15 October 2005 22:25, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> Please do a make uninstall in modules/wet -- I'm going to fix that one
> after I fix the versioned plugin loading.

Krita still crashes (but now after the Open Document dialog). I get various crashes. When I chose create document sometimes it just crashes without showing the KDE crash handler:

*** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0834fa58 ***
Alarm clock

When I get the KDE Crash Handler, I get:

#7  0x00000000 in ?? ()
#8  0xb6ded329 in QObject::QObject () from /usr/lib/
#9  0xb7ce8ce9 in KParts::Plugin::Plugin () from /usr/lib/
#10 0xb579b1c2 in GrayPlugin (this=0x87c6898, parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0)
#11 0xb579e15b in KDEPrivate::ConcreteFactory<GrayPlugin, QObject>::create (
    parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, args=@0xbf9067e0) at kgenericfactory.tcc:167
#12 0xb579e1ce in KDEPrivate::ConcreteFactory<GrayPlugin, QObject>::create (
    parentWidget=0x0, widgetName=0x0, parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, 
    className=0xb7cfc1a5 "KParts::Plugin", args=@0xbf9067e0)
    at kgenericfactory.tcc:133
#13 0xb579e239 in KGenericFactory<GrayPlugin, QObject>::createObject (
    this=0x87a01f8, parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, 
    className=0xb7cfc1a5 "KParts::Plugin", args=@0xbf9067e0)
    at kgenericfactory.h:194
#14 0xb747aabe in KLibFactory::create () from /usr/lib/
#15 0xb5facdd2 in createInstanceFromFactory<KParts::Plugin> (
    factory=0x87a01f8, parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, args=@0xbf9067e0)
    at componentfactory.h:64
#16 0xb5facee7 in createInstanceFromLibrary<KParts::Plugin> (
    libraryName=0x86eaa78 "kritagrayplugin", parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, 
    args=@0xbf9067e0, error=0xbf9067ac) at componentfactory.h:144
#17 0xb5facfb9 in createInstanceFromService<KParts::Plugin> (
    service=@0xbf9067b0, parent=0x86dff80, name=0x0, args=@0xbf9067e0, 
    error=0xbf9067ac) at componentfactory.h:213
#18 0xb5fadafd in KisColorSpaceFactoryRegistry (this=0x86dff80, 
    profileFilenames=@0xbf906898) at
#19 0xb6156dfc in KisMetaRegistry (this=0x87bb648) at
#20 0xb6156e6f in KisMetaRegistry::instance () at
#21 0xb60bb6b9 in KisDoc::loadImage (this=0x8672bb8, element=@0xbf906a2c)
#22 0xb60bcab6 in KisDoc::loadXML (this=0x8672bb8, doc=@0xbf906b08)
#23 0xb7e56701 in KoDocument::loadNativeFormatFromStore (this=0x8672bb8, 
    file=@0xbf906cd8) at
#24 0xb7e5726c in KoDocument::loadNativeFormat (this=0x8672bb8, 
    file=@0xbf906cd8) at
#25 0xb60bd982 in KisDoc::initDoc (this=0x8672bb8, 
    flags=KoDocument::InitDocAppStarting, parentWidget=0x0) at
#26 0xb7e7c2e3 in KoApplication::start (this=0xbf906fa4)
#27 0xb7ef031e in kdemain (argc=1, argv=0xbf907124) at
#28 0x08048712 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbf907124) at

When I chose open recent document, I get:

Using host libthread_db library "/lib/tls/i686/cmov/".
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread -1235171648 (LWP 21149)]
[KCrash handler]
#7  0xb7e85654 in QShared::ref (this=0x0) at qshared.h:49
#8  0xb71330b1 in QString::QString () from /usr/lib/
#9  0xb60e5c08 in KisProfile::productName (this=0x86715f8) at kis_profile.h:59
#10 0xb616dc24 in KisColorSpaceFactoryRegistry::resetProfiles (this=0x8542d58)
#11 0xb616e39e in KisColorSpaceFactoryRegistry::instance ()
#12 0xb5817016 in KisImageMagickConverter::decode (this=0xbfa2996c, 
    uri=@0xbfa298f4, isBlob=false) at
#13 0xb581837f in KisImageMagickConverter::buildImage (this=0xbfa2996c, 
    uri=@0xbfa299b4) at
#14 0xb5810a57 in MagickImport::convert (this=0x853e938, to=@0x8552d70)
    at magickimport.cpp:74
#15 0xb7ea7da0 in KoFilterChain::ChainLink::invokeFilter (this=0x8552d60, 
    parentChainLink=0x0) at koFilterChain.cpp:66
#16 0xb7ea7fbe in KoFilterChain::invokeChain (this=0x8565578)
    at koFilterChain.cpp:165
#17 0xb7e90c91 in KoFilterManager::import (this=0x853c060, url=@0x84f5938, 
    status=@0xbfa29d04) at
#18 0xb7e83526 in KoDocument::openFile (this=0x84f58d0) at
#19 0xb7d0f4df in KParts::ReadOnlyPart::openURL () from /usr/lib/
#20 0xb7e807b3 in KoDocument::openURL (this=0x84f58d0, _url=@0xbfa29fbc)
#21 0xb60e2a88 in KisDoc::initDoc (this=0x84f58d0, 
    flags=KoDocument::InitDocAppStarting, parentWidget=0x0) at
#22 0xb7ea12e3 in KoApplication::start (this=0xbfa2a2b4)
#23 0xb7f1531e in kdemain (argc=1, argv=0xbfa2a434) at
#24 0x08048712 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfa2a434) at

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