Image Manipulation with OpenGL

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Tue Nov 1 20:12:57 CET 2005


I found this program which does image manipulation using OpenGL: It is written in C++ using Qt 
and the code is available and GPL licensed. The source code is provided on 
the web page and also binaries for Linux and Windows.

Unfortunately the program uses qt2. I could not get the Linux binary running 
because I don't have qt2 (it is not available for Debian SID) and I couldn't 
compile the source (there are lots of error messages and only some are 
related to qt2->qt3). I got the Windows binary working, but it does not 
display the pictures, only a white square, so it is a little boring:-(

But I think the code might be useful to develop some filters using OpenGL like 
a distorts/wrap filter or a waves filter.


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