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This message from the openicc mailing list shows one interesting feature:

* OpenEXR <-> ICC colour space information conversation for both
      loading and saving this HDR image format where added.

This might be interesting to check out, Adrian?

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Subject: [OpenICC] Announce CinePaint 0.20
Date: Tuesday 01 November 2005 16:08
From: Kai-Uwe Behrmann <ku.b at>
To: OpenICC Liste <openicc at>

CinePaint version 0.20-0 is a major release of the motion pictures deep
colour paint and retouching programm.

This release covers the gtk version of CinePaint. While some CinePaint
developers maintain this code base, it will be substituted once the new
architecture, called Glasgow, is ready to use. Glasgow covers a complete
new high performance, highly interoperable scanline core and a new user
interface written in FLTK.


    * Overall stability has improved.
    * Many bugs where fixed.

Colour management changes:

    * Softproofing is introduced.
    * The gutenprint plug-in uses the proofing profile as default
      separation target.
    * User interface is more clear regarding colourmanaging. Many labels
      where added.
    * Profile naming suggestions by Chris Murphy where followed. visible
      in the preferences.
    * Single layer visualisation for all types of colour channels is more
    * OpenEXR <-> ICC colour space information conversation for both
      loading and saving this HDR image format where added.

HighDynamicRange (HDR) changes:

    * HDR creation, see below
    * The expose item is moved from <imagemenu>-->Color-->Expose Image to
      <imagemenu>-->View-->Expose. It is now a per window setting and only
      available for 32-bit floats.
    * PortableFloatMaps (PFM) are supported for reading

New plug-ins where added to the release:

    * bracketing to HDR - HDR creation from 8-bit images: by Hartmut
    * statistic filter: minimum and median by Nicola Montecchiari
    * pnm complet rewrite for 8/16/32 bit raw reading: by Kai-Uwe Behrmann


    * 1213869 autoconf update to xwd plugin liquidphoto (Tom Hufmann)
    * 1275118 building plug-ins outside source tree liquidphoto

As well Frank Peters provided a collection of curves from the internet.
Although these curves were originally intended for use with Nikon cameras,
they should be of general interesst to correct images from many digital

Some notes about the last minor release 0.19-1:

New plug-ins:
The print plug-in utilises Gutenprint for throughout 16-bit colourmanaged
printing. Note Gutenprint will be colour stable once it lefts behind beta
status. (This should be reached as of version 5.0.0rc1 for most inkjet

The collect plug-in allows for selecting a number of images with the same
bit depth and building a layered image from them.

The new ICC Examin plug-in allowes visualisation of actual ICC profiles

The new ICC Watch plug-in allowes viewing image colours in the actual
threedimensional CIE*Lab colour space. The Image and Proofing gamut can be

Note: the last two plug-ins need the "ICC Examin" application, which is
downloadable from

The source package is available from:
The relese notes are readable at:

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