TODO: was, Re: An even more flexible convolution painter

Bart Coppens kde at
Thu May 26 20:29:40 CEST 2005

On Thursday 26 May 2005 20:10, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> * Select colorrange dialog appears to be broken -- the dialog has no
>   "replace" option anymore, which is necessary, and the preview only
>   takes effect after the selection has been made. Selecting by tone
>   gives a very curious effect.
> --> This one is hard to reproduce. We cannot re-intrododuce the replace
> option at the moment because of the string freeze, and I cannot reliably
> reproduce the strange, blocky effect I got with one image.
Couldn't we add a 'Deselect' button to it? We have "&Deselect" in the 
selection manager, so we wouldn't be introducing new strings.

> And finally, I had hoped to fix painting on cmyk layers, but that doesn't
> work either. CMYK finally works, you can even filter a cmyk image and save
> one, but import/export to cmyk tiff doesn't appear to work, and painting is
> wrong because we don't have an alpha channel in cmyk yet.
I'll try to have a look at it, but I doubt I'll be able to get it working.

> And that's it. We're feature-complete and release-ready.
Great :-)

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