Templates + todo

Adrian Page adrian at pagenet.plus.com
Wed May 18 22:11:33 CEST 2005

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>>Not sure if anyone's working on that. We could use a polygon scan
>>converter to fill shapes. There's simple not-anti-aliased code available
>>for that, or we could pull in the anti-aliased routines from agg
>>(www.antigrain.com), though that's a bit more involved.
> Let's do the simple thing for now; I once looked at agg, but it was way beyond 
> me. Have you got a source for the simple not-anti-aliased code?

Yes, there's code in the Graphics Gems I book. I can put that in, if you
like. It should do all we need, only without anti-aliasing.

Agg is complex and quite intimidating with its way of working, but it
is powerful and very high quality. I worked with it a bit with KSVG,
though not a great deal. An alternative is libart, which obviously gimp
uses (and Karbon I think), though agg is faster and in active
development. I think agg could be very good for curve/path rendering,
high quality text rendering etc. Anyway, that can all wait until after 1.4.


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