Cyrille Berger cyrille.berger at
Mon Jun 6 12:53:50 CEST 2005

> > > - "record" the user actions into any script language?
> >
> > That's important, too.
> Can Kross do that?
> Can Kross be extendend if not. 

Kross is very young.

> yes colorspaces need to be fast. I'm also a little hesitant towards tools
> (as in pen,zoom,floodfill) because they need to tie closely with the core,
> but if by tools we mean scan image,screenshot and the like then yes
Anyway, I think (I might be wrong) scripts are not mean for core developers 
(except for a litlle testing before a C++ implementation), but scripts are 
used for automation, that's where the record is very useful. And the second 
use is for external people who want to add a functionality but doesn't want 
to spend a lot of timelearning the core of krita or doesn't want to learn 

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