Adrian Page adrian at pagenet.plus.com
Tue Jul 26 00:02:28 CEST 2005

Bart Coppens wrote:
> On Monday 25 July 2005 22:13, Adrian Page wrote:
>>Um, after this commit, the hdr exposure no longer works for me, so that
>>was a short-lived feature. :-)
> Hmmm, that's odd. I didn't notice that, but I thought it would have worked 
> after my changes. Apparantly, the problem is that the 32bit float colorplugin 
> doesn't get loaded for a kisview (the wet plugin does). Unfortunately I have 
> no idea how I can make the plugin load as well for a kisview.

Right, I see what you were intending now.
>>Since I can't tell what it does do, I don't know if it's still possible
>>to have two views open on the same image with both views having
>>different exposures. Hopefully it is, as I think that's important.
> I must admit that I hadn't thought about that. My change made each layer have 
> its own exposure, because it seemed more flexible. Now I could reverse that 
> part of my patch, but I think it's silly to add such a specific feature like 
> exposure to all color strategies hardcoded.

I agree it's not very elegant, and I was reluctant to add the parameter, 
but it does have the advantage of simplicity. I didn't come up with a 
better solution at the time. Exposure is not a property of the data 
itself, it's a way of obtaining a particular interpretation of the data, 
much like the rendering intent, and the output profile too, I guess.

> Do you have any idea on how I could do the per-view exposure system for 32bit 
> floats in a more generic way? Each view could get a list of specific 
> parameters for each colospace, and then when viewing pass that along to the 
> colorspace as well, but I fear that might become complicated.

It does sound more complicated, particularly as at the moment it would 
offer more flexibility than is actually needed - unless you have other 
colourspaces and paramaters in mind? I don't know, maybe you just 
package the profile, rendering intent, exposure and anything else that's 
needed into a single object and colourspaces pick and choose which 
parameters they care about and interpret those...? Not particularly 
elegant either...


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