Some i18n issues...

Jannick Kuhr jakuhr-linux at
Wed Dec 28 10:09:57 CET 2005


I just noticed that the following strings (menu items) in Krita are not 
translated although the .po file is complete:

"Oilpaint..." (Filter --> Artistic)
"Raindrops..." (Filter --> Artistic)
"Invert" (Filter --> Colors)
"invert with Threads" (Filter --> Colors)
"Round Corners..." (Filter --> Decor)
"Custom Convolution..." (Filter --> Enhance)
"Simple Noise Reduction" (Filter --> Enhance)
"Wavelet Noise Reducer" (Filter --> Enhance)
"Small Tiles..." (Filter --> Map)
"CImg Image Restoration..." (Filter --> Other)

"Auto Contrast" (Adjust --> Adjust)
"Brightness/contrast..." (Adjust --> Adjust)
"Desaturate" (Adjust --> Adjust)
"Color Adjustment..." (Adjust --> Adjust)

Probably these strings are not prepared for i18n. Btw the menu items "invert 
with Threads" and "Brightness/contrast..." should start with capital letters, 
or not?

In addition the items of the menu "View --> Palettes" are composed of the name 
of the word "Hide" or "Show" and the name of the palette. This results in I a 
wrong word order (Anzeigen RGB instead of RGB anzeigen") at least in German 
but probably in many other languages, too.


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