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Bart Coppens kde at bartcoppens.be
Fri Dec 23 14:19:40 CET 2005

On Friday 23 December 2005 11:10, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> and add. I want to use this on our website and send it to journalists.
Hopefully you'll wait with that until after the freeze ;-)

For the rest, some random notes and thoughts I had while looking at the list.

> Krita's native file format stores icc and exif information.
If we have some luck, it'll even store embedded koffice parts.

> * Color models
> ** 8 bit/channel rgb, cmyk, grayscale, wet watercolors
Wet is still a 'maybe', that is, I don't know if I'll be able to fix it in 
time (but I really hope so).

> ** 32 bit float rgb (HDR), lms
Afaik lms is not supposed to be user-visible.

> ** Colors can be selected from a color wheel, rgb or grayscale sliders
>    or with a palette
Would be nice if we could, just like the brushes now, create and export our 
own palette files (probably only RGB, but still). I've been thinking about 
this, and it should be doable if the GUI doesn't pose any problems.

> ** Unlimited undo and redo
How 'unlimited' this is, is not configurable; if you do a lot of actions you 
hit a limit, and no way to configure how big that limit is (at least, that's 
what I thought).

> ** When maximized, Krita is usable on a 1024x768 screen with all
>    palettes open.
For most cases, yes, but not always (think paint with color adjustment, and 
pick color). Also, the new layerbox had (for the short time I saw it) too big 
a minimum size, making the palettes take 2 rows even when painting.

> ** Optional "greening-out" of inactive layers to assist with artistic
>    workflow.
So we'll keep this one? Then we need to make the 'acv' or so text clearer.

> ** change the resolution of the image
But we don't actually do something with this, right?

> ** Adjustment layers (not sure whether this'll make it)
Probably not, unless somebody else suddenly has time to do this :-(

> ** Feather selection
For a better implementation of this, we'd need to make the gaussian blur code 
more cs independent (tricky, since it is mostly RGBA8 optimized and 
unreadable gimp code).

> Throught the innovative paintOp plugin system, all painting tools
Not sure we can call it innovative, but then again, why not :-)

> ** ellipse
The results of ellipse where a bit off, iirc. This might need to be looked at 

> ** anti-aliased bucket fill and selection fill with color, patterns
Well, anti-aliased is a big word ;-) I don't think you can really call it that 
(plus the thing you are referring to isn't user-visible).

> Krita can multithread the operation of some filters. Krita's
> filters can be previewed in the filter gallery.
Filter gallery really needs a GUI redesign I think.

> ** bumpmap
> ** image restoration with cimg
Aren't these RGBA8 only?

> ** gaussian blur
Most certainly RGBA8 code!

> PaintOps can support opacity settings and use the pressure value
> of a tablet. Tilt and rotation is not yet supported.
We should make the exact actions that are dependent on pressure (and the rest) 

> ** paint with a tablet stylus. The pressure sensitivity
>    characteristics can be set.
The 'big' problem with this is that afaik all device names are hardcoded in 
Krita code (so it needs to be called 'Stylus' or so).

> ** text brush shapes
Only when activated at compile time.

> * Fills
We should have custom patterns as well! (Probably very copyable from the brush 

Two other random things:
* Curves widget
* Autoscroll

Bart Coppens

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