Mail and irc

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Dec 22 14:09:14 CET 2005

> > I like that idea, but I think that moving to our own channel instead of
> > #koffice would hurt, too. The interaction with the other koffice
> > developers has already given us a lot. Maybe I could just start logging
> > #koffice?
> And just posting the logs on a website wouldn't help cross-pollinating
> discussions, which is important too. It's not yet the complete solution I'm
> looking for...
yes and maybe other people on #koffice will not agree with logging of #koffice 
and there will be too much "noise". Maybe Casper, Bart, you and me can learn 
discipline and start talking about design on the mailinglist and keep 
#koffice for small questions and problems.

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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