Colorspace inheritance, Lab, Basic ect

Casper Boemann cbr at
Sat Dec 10 18:14:13 CET 2005


Following a discussion with Bart on IRC we have come up with some thoughts on 
how to design the colorspace inheritance.

The superclass is of course KisColorSpace defining the interface and nothing 

Subclass to that we have KisLabColorSpace which uses lcms to implement 
everything from scratch.

And Subclass to that we have KisBasicLcmsColorSpace which provide default 
implementations for every other ColorSpace that is represented in lcms.

Now there are a couple of colorspaces that don't have lcms types to go along. 
They need to implement everything from scratch as well, but they could reuse 
KisLabColorSpace in some cases by first converting to Lab, then call labCS to 
do the work and then convert back.

The u16 etc helper classes we should think about some more. Perhabs 
inheritance isn't the best way to leverage the power. Anyway they are fast 
loosing their contents these days.

best regards / venlig hilsen
Casper Boemann

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