Key In: Shortcut references from Macromedia Fireworks (fwd)

Alan Horkan horkana at
Fri Aug 5 23:45:56 CEST 2005

Before my trial version of Macromedia Fireworks expired I exported HTML
pages for the various keybinding sets it supported (with the unfortunate
exception of Photoshop, it just wouldn't let me select the menu item) and
then today I hastily munged them together into one great big table for
comparison purposes.

The link is temporary and I may move it or the information contained
within to somewhere else more suitable so if the information is of
interest please save a copy.  If there is a suitable wiki page or similar
place where I might put a copy of this and posssibly other notes Krita
developers could use for reference purposes please let me know.

Essentially I think it could be quite useful to identify the basic
keybindings the various applications have in common as I have mentioned
before.  I should warn that this list was generated by Fireworks and and
what it claims are the Illustrator keybindings may not be entirely
accurate (I dont recall Illustrator having a menu item for "Insert
Hotspot" for example).

I hope I will have time to look at Krita over the weekend and suggest a
few more shortcuts I hope will be appropriate.


Alan Horkan

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