raw-file and 48bit files

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net
Mon Sep 27 23:45:50 CEST 2004

Hi list!

Boudewijn ask on the dot for 16bit/channel-files. Here we go: 

1: ftp://ebv4linux.de/krita/crw_3463.crw (4MB)
2: ftp://ebv4linux.de/krita/crw_3463.ppm (36MB)
3: ftp://ebv4linux.de/krita/crw_3463.psd (36MB)
4: ftp://ebv4linux.de/krita/crw_3463.tif (36MB)

1 is a Canon RAW file. You can process this with dcraw command line tool, with 
the great GIMP raw file plugin and the good digikam batch raw image 
converter. Writing a kimgio-plugin for RAW-files would be nice. Maybe the 
digikam guys have done this(?) Oh, if you want to have a unique feature for 
Krita/KDE, maybe this would be also a nice kimgio-plugin: 

2 and 3 are 48bit PPM- and PSD-(Photoshop) files converted from the crw with 
the dcraw tool. You can load these file with krita but they are shown wrong.

4 is a 48bit TIFF image converted by ImageMagick from ppm file. This file can 
be shown correctly in Linux by Cinepaint. If you load this file in krita 
again the file is shown wrong.

If you need more images please ask. Keep up the good work!



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