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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Sep 23 19:44:25 CEST 2004

On Thursday 23 September 2004 19:39, Sven Langkamp wrote:
> Michael Thaler wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Progress info for the scaling code is now working!!! I attached the patch,
> >Boudewijn can you please check it in? (I will read the cvs instructions
> >tonight so that I can check in changes myself next time, right now I don't
> >have time because I have to go to work).
> Now, I get a compilation error:

This happened to me a lot yesterday, and you might well be seeing some flack 
from my commits. It happens because a krita/ui isn't included in builder, 
apparently. I'll fix this right away. (And it needs to be included because 
progress subject is in there, which is included in scale visitor, which is 
included in image which is included in doc. Oh, for a sane import system in 

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