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On Thursday 19 August 2004 23:27, Michael Thaler wrote:


I'll add these TODO's to the general TODO, so they won't get list.

> How is memory handling done in Krita? Actually I have to allocate a
> temporary area which holds the pixel data for one column and I have to
> allocate memory for some container classes which hold temporary data. And
> then I have to allocate memory for the destination image. What should be
> done if we run out of memory? How can we make sure that all memory the
> scaling code allocated, is freed correctly?

Good points. Frankly, coming from Java, I'm still having a hard time keeping 
myself aware of the fact that memory management _is_ an issue, and one that 
should be constantly checked. I guess that at the moment, Krita just assumes
that there's plenty of memory. Bad assumption...
> I think it would be a good idea to use smart pointers to allocate at least
> the structs (or containers that will replace it). If I understand
> correctly, they are freed automatically, if we leave the scaling code? Can
> someone implement this? (I have no clue how smart pointers work and how
> they are used).

Me neither :-(.

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