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Mon Sep 13 14:20:12 CEST 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 13:15, Cyrille Berger wrote:
> oh I forgot, can IM load image from something else than RGBA, 

Yes, judging from the 

       -colorspace value
            the type of colorspace: GRAY, RGB, XYZ, YCbCr, YIQ,
            or YUV.

            Color reduction, by default, takes place in the RGB
            color space.  Empirical evidence suggests that dis-
            tances in color spaces such as YUV or YIQ correspond
            to perceptual color differences more closely than do
            distances in RGB space.  These color spaces may give
            better results when color reducing an image.  Refer
            to quantize(9) for more details.

            The -colors or -monochrome option is required for
            this option to take effect.

option to import.

> and if it 
> can, does someone know how to do it ? 

Nope, not yet. It won't be too hard to find out: both ImageMagick and 
GraphicsMagick are well-documented.

> Or is it done automaticaly, and krita 
> assumption of a RGBA colorspace is wrong ?


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