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On Thursday 09 September 2004 21:59, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

Of course, I hadn't realized that we already sort of provide compositing per 
channel with the COPY_RED, COPY_ALPHA composite ops. I'd need to add an 
OVER_ALPHA and then my selection code will be a lot easier. Same with 
applying the selection mask to the gradient and fill buffers.

However, whenever I see a pattern of constants like


I think that there are two parameters mixed that shouldn't have been mixed. So 
it would still be a good thing to pass a vector of channels-to-be-composited 
to the bitBlt methods, and get rid of the XXX_RED, XXX_GREEN, XXX_XXX 
constants (and separate implementations). Need to find a way to measure 
performance impact, though.

Perhaps a timed loop that does a large number of compositions, reachable via a 
debug menu option Krita.

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