Change of maintainer

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Mar 8 20:42:50 CET 2004

Patrick just asked me whether I would like to take over as Krita's official 
maintainer -- he's just too busy to do much about Krita, and feels we have 
absorbed enough to continue without his stewardship. Since this is a 
prestigious post that carries with it rewards beyond imagination -- that 
'maintainer' like in the AUTHORS file alone! -- I jumped at his suggestion 
with alacrity...

However, it cannot be denied that I started learning C++ only last October, 
and I'm probably not completely able to always accurately judge the quality 
of proposed patches or designs. I'm not an inexperienced programmer -- I've 
been coding in various Basics, Pascal, SNOBOL, PL-SQL, Java, Python and 
sundry others for a decade or two, but C++ is a whole different kettle of 
fish. So I'm counting on you all to help me keep Krita on the straight and 
narrow path towards beautiful code :-).

As for plans -- we're making good progress, but I think we're still in the 
stage where we can cherry-pick what we like and still be making progress that 
seems coordinated. So I don't think we need a planning yet, apart from a 
vague desire to make it for the next KOffice release (or the next but 

Boudewijn Rempt |

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