Color filter plugin

Patrick Julien freak at
Mon Mar 8 13:00:16 CET 2004


You have std::min defined in the standard header <algorithm>

I have placed the inline function process Color in a private namespace.

Your sliders are much too interesting to leave in the plugin proper.  Consider 
making more generic versions in the ui directory then using them from your 

Consider making a placing your round() macro in kis_global.

All your methods will need to be reworked when new image types are added.  Are 
you sure you cannot achieve most of the body of the coding by probing some 
pieces of info, like the number of channels?  etc... 

If the information needed is missing, then the problem is probably the core 
not offering such information.

I am concerned that with such an implementation strategy, I would lose you to 
the same plugin over and over again.

Of course, feel free to do has you wish, I am simply stating that reworking 
the plugin everytime an image type is added, well I'm afraid you would get 
bored and simply move away from Krita :).

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