[PATCH] Delayed notify - performance

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Sun Mar 7 01:41:55 CET 2004

This patch delays the calls to notify.
(Now that m_dirtyRect behaves as this expects it was easy to
 prepare a new patch.)

notify on:
  a) mouse release
  b) timeout  (kis_notify_limit [ms])
    The timeout is global to simplify modifications.
     kis_notify_limit = 0 gives you back the current behaviour.
     kis_notify_limit = 10 gives about one update per monitor refresh (100Hz).
     kis_notify_limit = 50 X is no longer the problem - krita/brushes are.

To get normal behaviour use.
$ gdb krita
(gdb) run
CTRL-C to break
p kis_notify_limit = 0

[Strange thing is that I see as much need for this patch as I once did.
Two possible reasons:
1) I have doubled the amount of RAM in my machine (now 512MB)
2) Some other patches to speed things up has been added.]


Roger Larsson
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