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Mon Jul 26 22:23:19 CEST 2004

On Monday 26 July 2004 22:06, Casper Boemann wrote:

> yes for now - sure. And if the rest of the KOffice team don't mind us
> changing things I would love if we could improve the koColor for the
> benefit of all ko apps.

Well, we're currently the only users of KoColor -- Killustrator once did use 
it, I believe, and early versions of Karbon, but Karbon now has vColor.
> Well for this flighsimulator of mine I'm fiddling with I have done exactly
> that to model the light through the atmosphere, to give realistic blue and
> red sky depending on altitude,the sun and direction of sight.
> I'm also thinking that in the future a colormodel with quantisized
> spectrums would be a nice showoff for krita.

It's what I've been working towards since I started -- I wanted a nice and 
simple image app I could add exactly that feature to. Krita needed some work 
before it could be done, but it seemed the best bet :-).

> As for the palette - yes it would indeed be challeging but not impossible.

Have you seen the video for DaB and Impasto? Really impressive... It's a pity 
the authors don't want to make is free software; despite being a University 
project, they intend to monetize their effort after Phd.

> > (By the way, it might even be nice to have, in the future, virtual
> > iterators, i.e., iterators that generate a pixel value for a region of
> > pixels, or for a virtual pixel that lies between two (or four) pixels.)
> nifty, and easily accomplished by weighing the surrounding pixels. The
> aforementioned composition of a alpha value with any kind of pixelrep (by
> way of a colorstrategy) is again just what we need to do this and indeed
> any kind of sampling without actually knowing what the channels mean (or
> even how many channels there are)

Glad to hear it wasn't a really goofy idea :-).

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