Compile error when doing a clean compile

Cyrille Berger cyb at
Mon Jul 26 14:28:40 CEST 2004

> I'm guessing that this has something to do the designer plugin or
> something, and only happens when you are trying to do a clean build.
hum... it shouldn't happens from a clean build, but from a clean setup...
When you have a clean setup, the designer plugin is not install, so when uic 
try to process "kis_preview_dialog.ui", it doesn't find the information 
relative to KisPreviewWidget !
We have a problem :
- libkritacommon need KisWidgetsPlugin to build
- KisWidgetsPlugin need libkritacommon to link...

Is there anyway to link whithout a library ? I mean the solution would be to 
build/link KisWidgetsPlugin  whithout libkritacommon.
I am beginning to wonder if KisWidgetsPlugin was really a good idea...

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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