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 - Arthur, the Qt 4 painting framework.


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Subject: Qt 4.0.0 Technology Preview 1 released.
Date: Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2004 17:00
From: info at trolltech.com
To: qt-announce at trolltech.com

Qt 4.0.0 Technology Preview 1 has been released.

We are pleased to present our first Technology Preview release for
what will become Qt 4. We are releasing this code snapshot to our
users because we want to show you some of the new technologies that
will go into the final Qt 4 release, and because we want you to have
the opportunity to give us your feedback. The feedback we receive will
help us to ensure that the final Qt 4 release provides as much value
and productivity as possible.

Please note: Qt 4 still is in a very active state of development. Not
everything is ready for prime time, and there are significant
omissions.  This is a preview of some of the Qt 4 libraries, not of
the entire application development framework. Most notably, new
versions of Qt Designer and Qt Linguist are not included.

In this release we focus on five new technologies (codenamed: Tulip;
Interview; Arthur; Scribe; and Mainwindow) that we hope you will try
out and give us feedback on. All are new to Qt, written specifically
for Qt 4:

 - Tulip, a new set of template container classes.
 - Interview, a model/view architecture for item views.
 - Arthur, the Qt 4 painting framework.
 - Scribe, the Unicode text renderer with a public API for performing
   low-level text layout.
 - Mainwindow, a modern action-based mainwindow, toolbar, menu, and
   docking architecture.

For a more detailed description about the preview and these five
technologies please consult tech-preview.html found in doc/html or
http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/tech-preview.html. See also
getting-started.html for an overview of the main portability issues.

The Technology Preview supports:

 - GNU/Linux with gcc 2.95 or later (x86)
 - Mac OS X 10.3 with its native gcc compiler
 - Microsoft Windows 2000 and later, with MSVC 6 or later

Other operating systems and compilers might work but are not yet part
of the testing program.

How to get the release:


Any problems encountered with Qt 4.0.0-tp1 should be reported to
qt4-preview-feedback at trolltech.com.

The Trolls


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