Iterator requirements

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Jul 5 23:43:03 CEST 2004

On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Casper Boemann wrote:

> > The tile manager loads image data on demand from Krita's file format,
> > and, where possible, from other image types that allow on demand loading
> > of portions of the image.
> Perhabs but if so it needs to be decoupled.

Of course -- but it is important to state it as a goal, since giving the
tile manager the responsibility for loading the image data is the only way
to make Krita capable of handling really large images. Deferred loading is
really important.

> Not channels, and 2 dim arrays just complicates things.

Well, let's start with pixels and continue from there. The 2d arrays are
an abstract way of talking about kernels, though.

> No checking is needed.

Please explain to this poor Python/Java programmer -- if you have a *QUANTUM
(might as well call it Q_UINT8 though, if it's the colour strategy that makes
floats of it), how can you handle that safely without checking bounds? You need
to make sure that you're somehow not mis-matching.

> > Colour strategies can render their pixels to display RGB format (i.e. a
> >    QImage).
> Yes but later it should be done with the aid of lcms that gives us ICC color
> profiles

Fortunately lcms is already a Krita requirement, so we don't need to worry about
that. I'll look into the way Scribus handles this issue, it's probably the best

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