Pressure sensitivity

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Jan 19 22:56:27 CET 2004

On Monday 19 January 2004 22:49, Patrick Julien wrote:

> Yes, I undestand, what you want is to implement another composite op in
> bitBlt.

I hadn't quite looked at it as another composite op, though -- I already added
one extra, the NORMAL op. 

> You may want to investigate having bitBlt's in QPainter that take different
> arguments for the source (QImage and QPixmap directly) so you don't have to
> worry about using temporary layers.

I'd have to write the code in any case, whether I'd call it maskBlt or an 
overloaded bitBlt, wouldn't I? There's a bit of difference between retrieving 
grayscale pixels and using a colour to composite them with a layer, and 
between being able to directly copy colour bytes.

One thing worrying me is that I'd ideally be able to composite the brush 
stroke using any of the existing ops onto the layer. That's easy to do with 
temporary layers, easier than by creating a new composite op and using that.

Well, I'll just experiment a bit... Tomorrow, probably.

Boudewijn Rempt |

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