Pressure sensitivity

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Jan 19 22:26:16 CET 2004

I just completed the first stab at pressure sensititivity support... It's 
still slow, and not completely correct in all places, but you can make
beautiful galaxies with it and gorgeous blobs that look like you've been
painting with a brush and thick india-ink.

Besides, I've moved the painting code from KisToolBrush to KisPainter,
preparatory to replacing the current bitBlt code with a more direct alpha-mask 
compositing in the colour strategies; and adding support for pipe-line 
brushes. (And hopefully a few more intelligent brushes). 

I'm rather looking forward, too, to re-activating a few of the other tools. 
I've got some ideas about a nice airbrush tool, one that really fakes an 
airbrush instead of spattering random dots (although there's a tool like that 
in real life too -- anyone remember the toothbrush and spatterboard from 
kindergarten). And a line tool is going to be easy now...

See the screenshot at:
Boudewijn Rempt |

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