Brush tool

Patrick Julien freak at
Sun Jan 18 16:18:34 CET 2004

On January 17, 2004 10:02 am, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> A little more finegrained notify, and the brush tool now is actually
> usable. It's not as good as the gimp's brush tool -- circles tend to become
> a little angular, but it's good enough for now.

Are you sure the Gimp brush doesn't draw directly to the screen.  I.e. draw to 
both the tiles and the widget.  Then, when the screen is invalidated, it is 
redrawn from the tiles.

Setting the pixels one by one in the dab isn't probably helping you.

The brush tool seems to ignore that the brushes aren't limited to being black 
and white.

The notification system in Krita, has stated previously, still needs to be 
optimized.  You see, when drawing, we still need to traverse the entire 
sequence of tiles to actually know which we need to redraw.  We need to 
complement this we an actual dirty tile list.  When we mark a tile has dirty, 
it needs to be placed on this list, then when redrawing, we no longer need to 
over every single tile to determine if it's dirty or not.

The string you pass into KisPainter::beginTransaction() needs is user visible, 
hence it needs to be guarded by the i18n macro.

In any case, I would think that other programs like gimp draw on the widget 
first, for example in mouse move, but only use the tiles to redraw either on 
damage or mouse release or something equivalent.

If I use Gimp here a second or two, when I use the brush, I can see the 
changes in real time, but the little icon preview doesn't get updated until I 
let go of the mouse button.  This doesn't prove, but certainly supports my 
theory of not using tiles when there is too much activity.

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