File format (was Re: KisKrayon gone)

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at
Wed Jan 14 04:55:57 CET 2004

At 8:52 PM -0500 1/13/04, Patrick Julien wrote:
>  >	Depending on the functional needs for a file format, there
>>  are a number of good options - PSD, TIFF and PNG being at the top of
>>  the list...
>I'm suprised you didn't push MIFF :)

	In it's own way, MIFF is also problematic as it's directly 
tied to ImageMagick/GraphicMagick's internal format (much as XCF is 
tied to GIMP's internal structures).

>  >	XML for binary/image data is a generally bad idea...
>No, Koffice file formats are XML based, but data is kept in seperate 
>The files are actually virtual filesystems, the data parts are stored
>seperate from the XML proper.  Then everything is stored in a zip archive.

	Oh, you are talking about a JAR-like storage system - OK, 
that's a good thing.  I tried to convince the GIMP folks to try that 
direction - but Sven didn't see the merit :(.

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