On cursors and canvases

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Fri Jan 2 11:21:30 CET 2004

Just two quick notes so I cannot forget about it, and other people know about 
it, too:

1. If you use a custom Krita cursor (for instance, with the move tool, or now 
with the brush tool), the cursor isn't decently xorred, but painted in a 
white block -- I don't know what has caused this, this might be because I 
installed new nvidia drivers, but it doesn't happen with other applications. 
It also doesn't happen with the stock Qt cursors.

2. Currently, cursors are changed only when the tool is selected, not, for 
instance, when a new brush shape or brush-size is selected. So, cursor 
setting for the canvas should happen not only in  KisView::setCurrentTool, 
but also immediately from KisTool.setCursor, if the tool is the current tool.

I haven't spent much time on either issue yet, since I want to get the basic 
brush handling working before the end of the holidays.

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