Fill_painter broken and colordistance in autolayer

Casper Boemann cbr at
Sun Dec 26 21:10:05 CET 2004


the flood fill part of fill_painter is disabled in the autolayer branch.

Could I ask the current maintainer (adrian ?) to take a look and perhabs make 
the changes nessesary to bring it back to life. I would gladly answer any 
questions needed,

Also the difference function (that measures colordistance) is not colormodel 
independent. Even though rgb,cmyk and cie-xyz are afine transforms the 
distance may not be of the same magnitude, and when talking of lab,hsv 
colorspaces the distance is not even an afine transform. So we need 
colordistance to be a function of the color_strategy. (so that independent of 
colorspace the distance is measured in say lab distance or cie-xyz distance)

best regards
Casper Boemann

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