How to begin ?

Casper Boemann cbr at
Wed Aug 11 23:56:48 CEST 2004

> Actually, I study regular computer science, although I am supposed to have
> course in graphics somewhere in the future.

ha, I beat the both of you :-) I have taken two courses, but none of them on
sampling and scaling. It was about classification and edgedetection. and
computer graphics in general. sorry

Also I've done some scaling code on a contract for ESA (the european space
agency). Ok it sounds MUCH prettier than it is, but it does sound good
doesn't it. :-)  I don't have access to that code any longer, but it doesn't
matter as it is proprietary anyway. And no I can't remember it either - it
was from an algorithm I was given.

> university's library doesn't even have those SIGGRAPH papers in it's
> (although that could just be the electronical index not being really
> accurate).
I can get copies at my old university library as well. Just put up the names
and I'll have a look.  I pass by it three times a week, and they have a lot.
All the siggraph I'm pretty sure

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