Some questions

Cyrille Berger cyb at
Fri Apr 9 16:48:22 CEST 2004

> * When a (piece of) canvas is rotated, the area that is not included in the
> rotated canvas should be left blank. But how to define 'blank'?
I think that it is up to the user to decide what is blank, whether it is 
transparent or the background color.

> * The anti-aliasing of the transform should work with merging different
> source pixels with a weighed value. Simply doing this in the transform
> itself is quite useless, since the different colourspaces can have
> different ways of doing this. Maybe each colour-strategy could implement a
> function merge(...) which merges two QUANTUM*s?
How the weight is defined ? I don't see how it could depend of the 

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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