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Tue Oct 28 23:16:04 CET 2003

On Tuesday 28 October 2003 22:52, Patrick Julien wrote:

> > Anyway -- this is very nice. I've made a start adding composite methods
> > to every the color models. Is that okay, or were you working on that?
> I'm still thinking about to implement

I've just checked in a basic version. I'm not sure about the cmyk compositing 
algorithm, but once it's easy to call from KisPainter, I'll experiment.

> Probably this signature tho
> virtual void composite(QUANTUM *dst, QUANTUM *src, Q_INT32 opacity,
> CompositeOp op) const = 0;


> Yes, it would, for only 8 bit channels, it's only 65000 values, but I'm
> afraid I don't really understand what you are saying to me here tho.

Well, going by the Gof book, one could imagine that the image data in a tile 
would be stored not as the actual RGB or whatever values, but as pointers to 
KoColor objects; for every possible colour a KoColor, but the same KoColor 
references many times. 

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