nativeColor and endianness

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Sat Oct 25 15:45:24 CEST 2003

On Saturday 25 October 2003 13:16, Patrick Julien wrote:

> Yes and no, it will work since it's sorting on less of pointers, however,
> the problem is that you can't really find anything anymore in this case
> since you would need to search by the original pointer that was allocated
> and returned by new.
> Std::map provides additional template arguments so that you can store
> pointers but still sort and search by something else than the pointer
> value.
> QMap<K, V>
> std::map<K, V, less<K>, allocator<K> >

Okay... I'll leave that on the todo for the nonce; I'm looking at littlecms 
and trying to find some free colour profiles that we might include with Krita 
-- there are some profiles in the littlecms tests, but I don't trust that 
they are really free.  Actually, using littlecms would obviate the need for 
cached conversions since littlecms takes care of that.

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