nativeColor and endianness

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On Friday 24 October 2003 23:25, Patrick Julien wrote:

> Yes, abosuletely, I just wans't sure you would be willing to do the work
> :), cuz I'm not :)

Not at the moment, no, me neither. But if I continue with this lark, I'll 
probably do the necessary to use littlecms. After per-strategy compositing.

> Thanks, I guess :)

Oh, it is a compliment, and if you consider that I've gone from "wazthiz? 
me-no-understand!" to "okay, I don't quite get this, but let's hack it 
anyway", then that could be construed as another compliment. 

My day-job is architecting/building an agent platform (only we call it dynamic 
smart components nowadays), and that took considerably longer to fathom. But 
there had been more cooks at that kettle of broth; that makes a difference.

Still, I'd like to have a bit more structure in KisPainter. It is in danger of 
becoming a very large class -- perhaps the various operations could be 
classes on their own, like in Java2D (which is a mess, like all Java API's, 
but contains some nice ideas). But I'm not going to worry about that; first 
things first. And it seems that that's going to be compositing per colour 

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