KoColor && CMYK -> RGB

Boudewijn Rempt boud at calcifer.valdyas.org
Fri Oct 24 17:31:03 CEST 2003

> >
> > Not that I want to spend all the time I have on adding a colour model I
> > have no use for personally -- it's more important, at the moment, that
> > there is more than one, so I (and anybody else) is forced to take that
> > flexibility into account.
> Speaking of which, you forgot about upscale/downscale, this strategy is no
> longer color channel depth independent.

Good point. I remembered thinking about that and wondering how my pointer
arithmetic would be affected.

> >
> > I'll probably check the preliminary version in tonight; this weekend is
> > unfortunately booked full already with guests.
> Having a life outside of computers is not unfortunate :)

No, they are very dear guests, and I'm glad they are staying with us.
But, well, I had the very pleasant impression that I was actually
making some progress.

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