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Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Tue Oct 14 09:21:15 CEST 2003


> > Well, I did experiment with that, and if you look at the
> > I sent you (I did attach that file, didn't I?), you'll see that I try to
> > invalidate only the rect that's painted. When I added that, instead of
> > invalidating the whole image, flicker decreased visibly, so I thought
> > repainting only part of the canvas was already supported.
> yep, it's supported

I looked at that code again and I still don't get it. Shouldn't there
be something like

if(tile->valid()) //check if tile is valid
  p.drawImage(QImage(x,y,w,h,tile->pixelData)) //draw the tile on screen
  //do nothing

I know everything is a little bit more complicated then that, But I
could not find any part of the code that actually checks if the tile
is valid or not. I guess this check is just done in some clever way
somewhere and I just did not recognize it. Can someone tell me where
the code actually checks if a tile should be redrawn or not?

Take care,

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