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Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Mon Oct 13 14:36:15 CEST 2003


> Well, I did experiment with that, and if you look at the
> I sent you (I did attach that file, didn't I?), you'll see that I try to
> invalidate only the rect that's painted. When I added that, instead of
> invalidating the whole image, flicker decreased visibly, so I thought
> repainting only part of the canvas was already supported.

Really? If you do a 'grep -R dirty *' on the source you see that is
isn't actually unsed anywhere. But, then, I did not have time to
read carefully the source of KisDoc and KisView.

But on the other hand, invalidate is set correctly by
kpainter. Patrick yesterday said:

> The dirty flag was meant for actual rendering, the valid flag meant
that the 
> tile pointed to valid memory, i.e. memory that is still in-core.

But maybe this is not true and validate/invalidate is used for actual
rendering and dirty for swapping the tiles/memory management?

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