krita overview

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Mon Oct 13 10:53:39 CEST 2003


I spend a lot of time at the weekend to read through krita's code. I
wrote a pretty long and detailed overview about various krita classes
and their functions. It is by no means complete and I did only try to
understand the most basic krita classes and some things I did not
understand at all, but nevertheless this might actually be usefull.
You can find my overview here:

I would really like to comment the code itself and then create a nice
documentation using doxygen. This will help me and other people to
understand the code more easily.

For now I think about commenting the classes and member functions in
the header files. Should I just sent the header files with the
comments to this list?

I would also like to code the missing parts to mark the tiles as
clean/dirty. This is probably not too hard to do and it is definitely
needed to code freehand tools.

I still want to make paintworks working with KisLayer, KisPainter and
all other necessary classes. paintworks already has a nice set of
filters and if I get them working with KisLayer and KisPainter it will
probably be easy to port them to krita. I think this is also good for
me to get some more experience with painting apps and to learn some
more advanced C++ stuff (And I also want to read the Gang of Four book
at some point;-).

Take care,
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