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Fri Oct 10 08:19:09 CEST 2003

On Friday 10 October 2003 00:02, Patrick Julien wrote:

> > With code that does to a QImage what the image-magick based builder does;
> > create the necessary KisPaintDevice and blit that to the image; that
> > would
> That would be even slower.  If you want speed, you need to use the tiles
> directly.  You can actually support undo/redo with what you have here
> too... you just need to set the COW flags of the tiles before using them.

I've been looking at descriptions of how the Gimp works when painting, and it 
appears that they create a new image for every 'dab' -- every brush action -- 
do the brush stuff and then composite the image onto the current layer: So what I'm doing here seems to be 
actually pretty close.

I want to tackle undo/redo today -- first I'll try looking at how bitblt calls 
tilebitblt, but if that fails I'll go for the code from buildimage anyway. 
Or, if I get bored, I'll add line shapes, sizes and colors. Or perhaps 
implement the rest of the QPainter primitives. Or add icons for the tools. 
Or... :-)

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