Finishing a paint action.

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Oct 8 21:51:36 CEST 2003

Passing lightly over the issue of debug commands -- one thing at a time -- is 
this right way of painting? I mean, is it necessary to first 'anchor', then 
'invalidate', then 'updateCanvas' to have the change show up on screen?

   KisImageSP img = m_view -> currentImg();
    if (img) {
        KisPaintDeviceSP device = img -> activeDevice();
        if (device) {
            KisPainter *p = new KisPainter();
            p->fillRect( x,  y,  10,  10,  KoColor(QColor( "red" )) );
    img -> invalidate(QRect( x,  y,  10,  10 ));
    m_view -> updateCanvas(x,  y,  10,  10);

(By the way, in the funny bugs department, and just for the record: if I run 
krita remotely, on my AMD box, export the display to my Powerbook, then the 
image will show up as black, and I get xshm errors on the output. I hope to 
compile Krita on the powerbook some time soon to check for endianness, but I 
don't think this is an endiannes problem.)

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